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Padded Nylon Carrying Case
For 2 recorders or data loggers, plus cables.
Rugged Carrying Case
Holds up to 6 Meter-Master recorders or data loggers.
35' RS232 Extension Cable
For Meter-Master Models 100 EL/AF/P/XP, Cello, Newlog, Metrolog.
Sensus Compound Adapter
Adapter for Sensus/Invensys/Rockwell Compound meters (rental only).
Modified Hersey Gear Trains
Adapter for Hersey MHR meters.
Pulse Input Cable
Input cable to use with meters with pulse outputs.
Pulse Divider
Slows pulse frequency.
Hydrant Adapter
Adapter for pressure logging from hydrants.
Hydrant Wrench
Used with Hydrant Adapter.
Hydrant Case
Secure enclosure for hydrant pressure recording.

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