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Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
Meter-Master Cello

Meter-Master Cello

Why invest in expensive infrastructure when you can simply send meter readings and consumption data via text message over the world's largest wireless network (GSM cellular). All for the cost of sending a text message (SMS). Think of the Cello as a cross-breed between a cell phone and a data logger that reads meters. The advantages of using SMS via the global GSM network include: your AMR roll-out is immediate because the GSM network is established, reliable, and highly developed; no complex radio surveys are required; there is no above ground infrastructure to install and maintain; it does not rely on meter density to be cost effective; it works in poor coverage areas such as underground vaults and basements; and it is well proven technology.

Because the Cello uses existing global wireless infrastructure, this AMR solution is extremely scalable. You can install just one or two units or thousands of units.

Installation is easy. You simply drill 2 holes in the wall for the bracket and hang the Cello. No wires attach to pit lids; no pit lids need to be replaced; and there are no trip hazards. The unit can attach to either 1 or 2 encoder registers. Daily meter readings along with interval consumption data is sent. Pressure data can also be sent via an optional integral pressure sensor. The data is always backed up in the Cello. Sophisticated alarm options can be activated.

The meter data can be sent either to a local PC by purchasing the requisite modem/antenna and PMAC software or to an internet data service with a customized image. Access to the web data can be resold should you have clients who also desire access to the data.

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