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Encoder Interface

Model 80 Encoder InterfaceThe METER-MASTER MODEL 80 Encoder Interface Unit enables a single encoder register to provide pulse, 4- 20mA, and AMR outputs. Utilities and commercial/ industrial water users can continue to use most existing AMR solutions for monthly or other billing reads while also gathering other data using the pulse and 4-20mA outputs. The Model 80's advantage is that it gets its information directly from the register. It is attached to the 3-wire output provided by the encoder register for optimum correlation of the data with the meter. In metering situations with no AMR output (i.e., visual reads), the Model 80 can still be used with an encoder register to supply very accurate pulse and/or 4-20mA outputs.

One Model 80 can provide up to two separate 4-20mA outputs, and the pulse output can be split into multiple pulse outputs if needed. The AMR output can supply the current meter reading to a touchpad or touchcoupler when requested to do so by an AMR technology. To the touch solution, the Model 80 responds just like a register and can be programmed to output whatever number of register wheels the touch solution wants even if the Model 80 is reading more wheels. To provide an accurate 4-20mA output, the Model 80 requires an 8-wheel register, programmed to output all 8 wheels. 4-20mA outputs also require external power. External power can be either regulated 12VDC, regulated or unregulated 24VDC, or an available AC adapter. If needed, lithium battery packs are available to power the Model 80 for pulse-only applications.

The Model 80 is programmed at the factory and arrives ready for immediate operation. The user need only attach the cables and secure the Model 80 to a wall using the brackets and hardware provided. The Model 80 can be submersed for short periods. Two LEDís on the faceplate indicate power and whether or not the Model 80 is properly attached to a register. The pulse output may be divided by any whole number in order to customize the pulse outputís value for a specific application.

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