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Multi-Channel Data Loggers

The inexpensive METER-MASTER NEWLOG multi-channel data loggers are submersible, portable, and available in a number of configurations. Each channel can be set to perform a variety of tasks such as measuring voltage, storing events, counting pulses, detecting changes in the state of logic signals, and measuring signal frequencies. Newlog data loggers can be preprogrammed at the factory for defined applications or be programmed by using factory configuration files supplied on request. The Baby Newlog is a lower cost version with 3 channels that will accept pulse and frequency inputs but not analogue inputs such as 4-20 ma. The specialized Newlog CV (Control Valve) offers 1 flow and 2 pressure channels. Check out the Cello Wireless Data Logger for wireless applications.

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8 channel.
3 channel; integral input cable.
Control Valve Data Logger: 1 flow and 2 pressure channels.

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