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Multi-Channel Data Loggers

Meter-Master Newlog

The inexpensive METER-MASTER NEWLOG multi-channel data loggers are submersible, portable, and available in a number of configurations. Each channel can be set to perform a variety of tasks such as measuring voltage, storing events, counting pulses, detecting changes in the state of logic signals, and measuring signal frequencies. Newlog data loggers can be preprogrammed at the factory for defined applications or be programmed by using factory configuration files supplied on request.

Newlog data loggers have a 5+ year battery life. They are compatible with the PMAC software for initialization, downloading, and graph/report generation. Remote communications options are available. The memory has 128K, allocable between channels as needed with a maximum of 64K per channel. The data storage interval is programmable between 1 second and 1 hour. The operating temperature is -20 to +50 C. The weight is 1 kilogram. There are 2 tapped mounting holes in the base.

There are endless possible applications. Typical applications in the water industry include water quality, sewer flow, rain gauging, level monitoring, pump duty monitoring, and low power telemetry. Typical gas industry applications include flow, temperature, pressure, and telemetry. Other applications include energy management, industrial plant monitoring, and pollution and environmental studies.

Newlog's can be connected to a telephone modem to provide remote access and alarm signalling. The 2 control outputs can be used to switch power to external instruments prior to taking a measurement or to provide a contact closure when preset threshold limits are exceeded.

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