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Pressure Recorders

Meter-Master Model 100P The MODEL 100P offers the same easy-to-use design features as the Model 100EL flow recorder. A rocker switch toggles the recording on/off and initiates a test of the sensor pick-up. An LED signal light integral to the rocker switch indicates the current pressure range. The current pressure may be checked at any time without interrupting a recording session.

The durable, ABS/polycarbonate case includes an integral handle that allows the instrument to be chained for security. The pressure sensor is located inside the recorder case in order to prevent damage, and an external hose permits connection to a pipe. All hose fittings are stainless steel and include a quick connect for attaching the hose to the recorder, an optional carbon steel air bleed valve, and a 1/4" NPT male fitting for attachment to a pipe fitting. The unit is submersible, easy to set up, and highly accurate.

The Model 100 Program supports PSI, Bars, Feet, Metres, and Kilopascals. Additional units of measure may be added to the database. Adapters and protective metal cases are available for hydrant installation.

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