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Model 100 Program

Graph of Max/Avg/Min flow rates

The Model 100 Program software is compatible with all versions of Windows and interfaces via an RS232 cable with the Model 100EL Flow Recorder, Model 100P Pressure Recorder, and the Model 100XP Pressure Recorder. The software performs all interface functions with the recorders, including initialization, downloading, and displaying current values using the Realtime Display. Data is downloaded into an Access format so that the Trace Wizard and MeterSizer software accessories are able to easily import raw flow data and perform their analyses.

Once flow or pressure data has been downloaded, the Model 100 Program provides for various graph and report options, all of which can easily be converted into Word, Excel, and other third party file formats. Although the data storage intervals range from 1 to 60 seconds, reports and graphs can be created using any resolution levels desired. Similarly, the start and end dates and times of reports and graphs can easily be modified to any dates and times within the recording period. This enables you to zoom in on specific events and timeframes and to create reports and graphs for required timeframes, such as hourly consumption data with each hourís data matching clock hours.

Flow graphs and reports include volume, maximum/average/minimum rates, and rate vs. volume options. Pressure reports and graphs include average and maximum/average/minimum. The Model 100 Program database includes substantial preprogrammed meter (flow) and range (pressure) options in order to simplify operation and enable flow data accuracy verification.

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