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PMAC Software is designed for use with Technolog’s wide range of data logging products, including the Metrolog, Newlog, and Cello. As noted in the introduction to this brochure, F.S. Brainard & Co. distributes the Technolog products under its Meter-Master name in North America.

Because Technolog’s products are designed for long term installations, PMAC combines new site data to previously downloaded site data to provide one file with continuous data.

Users can access data either through a scanned graphic image with site labels or through the PC’s database. Data may be viewed either graphically or numerically and be exported to third party programs such as Excel.

Data from multiple files/sites may be displayed simultaneously. The user may define calculations to be carried out on the data such as the summation of zonal flows.

Psion handheld products interface with PMAC for convenient field programming and downloading activities.

PMAC Plus offers remote communications capabilities for both land line and wireless communications. Remote site data can be automatically downloaded and appended to existing files. PMAC can hold multiple concurrent calls. Many alarm functions are available.

PMAC Lite is a low cost version without the remote communications capabilities.

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