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Meter-Master software

Meter-Master software offers user-friendly, powerful programs for logger communications, data anaylsis, and report and graph generation. Data may easily be exported to other software such as the Trace Wizard residential end-use analysis program, the MeterSizer program, and to other standard software programs, such as Excel and Word.

Meter-Master Model 100 flow and pressure recorders interface with the Model 100 Program software. Cellos, Metrologs, and Newlogs interface with the PMAC software. Trace Wizard requires data downloaded with the Model 100 Program. MeterSizer accepts data generated with either the Model 100 Program or PMAC.

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Model 100 Program
The Model 100 Program interfaces with all Model 100 hardware products.
PMAC Plus and PMAC Lite interface with the Metrolog, Newlog, and Cello data loggers.
Trace Wizard
Trace Wizard performs water end use analyses.
MeterSizer automates the revenue impact analysis of meter sizing decisions.

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