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Wireless Data Loggers
  Cello in pit

The portable METER-MASTER CELLO is a multi-channel data logger with an internal antenna which transmits recorded data and alarms economically via the GSM cellular network. Because the self-contained Cello is suitable for underground pit and chamber applications, the expense and inconvenience of above ground poles, boxes, and antennas are eliminated. The case is designed for easy attachment to a wall bracket. Cello has an internal battery which is designed for 5+ years of service. The operating temperature range is -20 to +50 C.

Data can be captured and graphed either by purchasing the requisite hardware and PMAC software or by having the data posted to the Meter-Master Data Center website (, in which case an economical annual subscription is paid. Access to the web data can be resold should you have a client who also desires access to the data.

The Cello is available in a dual flow with optional pressure version and a universal 8 channel version. The 8 channel version may be used for measuring voltage, storing events, counting pulses, detecting changes in the state of logic signals, and measuring signal frequencies. The units may be ordered with just one channel configured or any combination of additional channels. The communications charges are very economical because Cello uses SMS text messaging via the global GSM cellular network in order to send data and alarms. The unit itself can survey the local GSM network connections and rank them for adequacy based on signal strength.

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Wireless, Cell-phone (GSM) Data Logger. Logs Pressure, Flow, Events, States, Voltage, and Frequency. Available in 2, 3, and 8 channel versions.

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